The Spanish firm’s lawyers, told that more and more drivers seeking a tax lawyer in Spain, since when pay tax on motor vehicles or also known as road tax, have many doubts as for example, In the case of the electric car, you must pay the tax? It is the most common tax lawyer in Spain question.

First, spanish solicitors, clarify that this tax is a municipal tax payable by the owner of the car each year, however some vehicles as they are intended for public transport, agricultural use, ambulances and which are adapted for people with disabilities; They could get to be exempt.

On the other hand hybrid vehicles, plug-in hybrid or electric, are obliged to pay tax on motor vehicles.

Some of the customers tax lawyer in Spain from our office directly consulted happens if you do not want to pay the tax. Spanish solicitors have such a simple answer for it. Logically civil guard will not pursue you, but the council will send you belong a couple of notifications, even after a few months some other notification, allowing time to have the money. Where appropriate not get any response, comes immediately to make an embargo. Leaving entirely clear to the customer that no one escapes from paying this tax.

However, there are some tricks to save on payment of road tax such as the register in the house in the village of grandparents and register the vehicle at the town hall, because usually in capital cities and more if they are large cities, taxes are higher.

This is where it is of great importance in lawyers with great ability to solve any kind of problems, have these professionals help to carry out legal procedures in a safe and reliable way and thus not having headaches for not knowing if everything is personally being carried in the right way and also at all times legal; such advice can generate savings of a certain amount of money and even avoid stress.